First Time Visitor Page:
2.2.1 - What is the purpose of this website?
This website, as described in the home page artwork, is an analysis of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film of 1967 which many people call the "Bigfoot Film". I have been actively researching and analyzing this film now for several years, and this website provides a venue for the release of my research work and information related to my activities with this film.
2.2.2 - Who am I?
I am generally described as a makeup artist, a "creature guy" (one who makes creature costumes for films and TV), a costume expert (although the general and popular meaning of "costume" is some type of tailored cloth apparel, and makeup artists usually don't do that, instead making body suits of rubber, resinous plastics, and fur materials). It was this professional background which first brought me to actively research the film, as I intended to apply my knowledge of fur costumes and "ape suits" to the debate about the film, because many people are of the opinion that what is seen in the film is a hoaxed event with a human wearing some kind of fur suit.
But I am also a world-champion wildlife artist, a museum exhibit model designer, a theme-park and entertainment robotics designer, a computer graphics professional with expertise in 3D visualizations (including archaeological visualizations of ancient architectures), a film-maker (with a fair amount of experience in 16mm film and editing), a fairly proficient photographer, an inventor (with one patent so far to my credit, for a character animation software system), and a person with a lifelong love of the natural sciences.
So the fact that my analysis effort on this film has expanded beyond the original goal, the issue of a possible fur suit and a hoax, and broadened to include more diverse areas of study, simply reflects the fact that my life and accomplishments as well have been over many diverse areas of education and accomplishment.
2.2.3 - What is covered in this work?
My intention is, and always has been, to try and focus on the film itself, and the data within the film, to try and answer the simple question of what it is we see walking through that film. Is it really just a hoax with a human in a fur costume, or is it something biologically real, as it appears, something commonly called "bigfoot" or sasquatch?
So I do give my attention primarily to the issues and analysis possibilities of the film. But the debate about the people involved in the filming, usually described as "the Backstory" is intensely debated, and so I do offer some thoughts and discussion of this issue as well.
2.2.4 - How do you get to a specific topic?
I've tried to structure this revision of the website to make navigation to specific topics easier.
The navigation bar at the bottom of each page  lists the general sections of the website, and can take you to the specific page.
The second route is the Site Map page, which lists all website pages and a summary of their content, so you can simply look down through the list to find a specific topic.
2.2.5 - If you don't know much of anything about this film, how do you start?
One good place to begin is the page with the "Beginner's Guide" PDF for viewing or download. It was designed specifically for people new to this film and discussions of it.
Two fine books, with opposing conclusions about the subject, are:
"Legend Meets Science" by Jeff Meldrum
"Bigfoot Exposed" by David Daegling