The Beginner's Guide PDF
The Beginner's Guide I've assembled here is to offer you, the beginner, exactly what I wished I had when I started several years ago, taking the basics and putting them into a sense of perspective so I could sort through the material more easily, and with (hopefully) less confusion.
The Beginner's Guide is a PDF document you can either read here online or download and read later, as is convenient for you. 
     Beginner's Guide PDF
The topics covered are:
1. Introduction
2. About the Author
3. Getting Started
4. What Happened (at Bluff Creek)
5. The Essential Argument: Real vs Fake
6. The Film Images
7. Researching the Film and the Controversies
8. Arguing the issues
9. New Areas of Research
10. Glossary of Words and Phrases
11. False Claims and Rumors