This page of the website offers research images for download. Researchers and analysts of this film will benefit from having some image data set up in a standardized high resolution format so there is a reliable common source for the data, instead of people gathering makeshift screen captures of poor quality from assorted documentaries.  I would ask that whenever used by others, that the chart or composite image title and source be cited, simply as respectful scientific or academic protocol traditionally does, and if any image modification (filtering, cropping, color processing, etc.) is done, that it be disclosed with procedural description.
                                                                                          the image chart below was revised 10-29-11 to correct a typo in the text.
tmr_v2_design005006.jpg tmr_v2_design005005.jpg tmr_v2_design005004.jpg
Composite of Jim McClarin walk from High Resolution scans of John Green's original film.
tmr_v2_design005003.jpg tmr_v2_design005002.jpg
Reel One PDF Charts (higher resolution than the PDF document provides) showing start and end of each of the 8 segments before the PGF Bluff Creek footage starts.            Segment 1 Chart                   Segment 2 Chart                       Segment 3 Chart
Segment 4 Chart                Segment 5 Chart                  Segment 6 Chart                 Segment 7 Chart                  Segment 8 Chart
DISCOVERY CHANNEL VIDEO with flipped frames - I was recently asked to study the YouTube video taken from an old Discovery Channel show on the PGF, where some film frames were flipped left/right. It seems people pull individual frames and then claim this is lost footage because it looks different. So I have prepared a thorough frame by frame study of that flipped sequence which shows that the frames are truly just the regular PGF frames, but reversed left/right.
Chart is 12400 x 3000 pixels. 
Roger casting track (below) - Composite
from Copy 14, showing all terrain landscape.