The Munns Report Video Series
In the 4 years I’ve been analyzing the Patterson Gimlin Film (PGF), I’ve seen a lot of videos posted on YouTube. Many were simply segments of some produced program, like my presentation at the Bigfoot Discovery Day event, or the American Paranormal “Bigfoot” program which I was shown in.
Other videos were about my work, as interpreted by other people, some trying in good faith to describe my effort correctly, some trying to discredit me. And I have seen many videos by others who offered their own theories and claims about the film, and these ranged from thoughtful and valuable to utterly deranged and absurd.
But I cannot deny that this media venue is becoming a powerful influence on many people’s perceptions of the PGF.
But what finally prompted me to make my own videos was a growing dissatisfaction with commercial TV today, and the way programs are influenced by concern more for visual graphics eye candy and simplistic claims, and worst of all, the apparent philosophy in “Reality TV” that reality is negotiable and can be adjusted for a more viewer-pleasing program.
So I resigned myself to the fact that the best way to present my research and analysis in my own form, and with my own words and ideas properly presented, was to take production and editorial control and make my own videos. As my budget is currently limited, the YouTube venue became the most effective option at present.
The Videos are all uploaded through “The Munns Report” channel on YouTube and they will all have a common Title Heading of
                                                                       “PGF Munns Report Video Series”

Then the heading will have the program number and topic title.
They are listed here in the order uploaded:
Part 1A - How It Happened - Model Overview
This Video describes the features of my Bluff Creek 3D computer site model, and my analysis of the filming event showing the creature subject and the cameraman both moving through the landscape in real time, so you can see, for the first time, how the event actually occurred.
Part 1B - How it Happened - Analysis
This Video describes the event animation in detail, where I pause at various times to explain what is happening and how the film data determines such, as Roger Patterson filmed this extraordinary event.
Report Video 2A - The Trackway
This video shows the 202 frames of trackway footage including a partial fifth footprint, and was rendered  slightly slower than real time for greater ease in analyzing the footprints and the terrain around them.
Report Video 3A - Comparative Anatomy
This video takes a human female subject with a pose very similar to the Cibachrome 350 pose, for comparisons of anatomical proportion and the challenges of making a costume which would replicate the PGF Subject, because of the PGF subject's unusual body proportions.
Report Video 2B - Track casts
This video discusses the controversy about the plaster cast seen in the trackway film, as compared to the plaster cast actually being made by Roger Patterson in a cast-making film segment. Some argue that the casts are the same one. The video explains why they are not.