Revised Website Index of Released Material

This website has been modified to reflect the fact that report material is being prepared and presented is different than originally anticipated.
NOTE: This Index of Release Material was originally chronological, earliest first and more recent below. It has been revised in reverse, with  the most recent release at the top (right after the "Beginner's Guide" which is fixed at the top). Older releases follow so the visitor is more likely to start with the most recent and up-to-date material at the top.

                                      The PDF Documents available for download are as follows:

Beginner's Guide

Added Nov. 27, 2009, this is a helpful basic document for people who are just starting to learn about the Patterson-Gimlin film and the controversies about it. The Guide has been structured with basic discussions that explain the filming incident itself, the people involved, the basic (common) arguments about whether the subject is real or a hoax, and the reference material used by people who research or analyze the film. It also has a glossary of words or phrases you may encounter in future discussions, some of which have a particular meaning in reference to the film analysis.
First Reel Scan and Analysis
A detailed description of the scanning, analysis and frame count for an essentially intact full first reel copy, which should put an end to claims that the first reel is spliced, edited or otherwise containing any suspicious footage that has been hidden from viewing and analysis.
Released October, 2011
1D -  Critical Observations, and a lengthy essay directly addressing malicious claims that I am some kind of fraud. This Release has been featured at the top because of ongoing challenges to my personal integrity by people who's personal agenda is to discredit me, patricularly members of the JREF forum.
Release 3.3.1 has been posted on April 8, 2011

Title: "A True 20th Century Mystery"

The material introduces the 43 years of attempts to prove the PGF a hoax, and why all such proofs fail to resolve the PGF mystery or gain any consensus of acceptance.
PDF - Comparing the PGF and McClarin Filming plus Camera & Lens analysis Part One

PDF - Comparing the PGF and McClarin Filming plus Camera & Lens Analysis Part Two

Details how any comparison of the PGF to McClarin's walk footage should be done, and offers a preliminary release of the   "Revision to my Lens Analysis",  which has been promised for the last year. Released January 22, 2011

PDF 3.2.7 Update on the Verified Frame Count and Copy Inventory Released January 1, 2011

This material describes the new VFC -2 Frame inventory system which I have upgraded, and explains that the current frame count is 954 frames, differing from the traditional reports of 953 frames. This update also lists the various copies I have scanned or examined.

PDF Hoax Analysis - Splicing and Editing Released December 22, 2010

This PDF contains new material (text and diagrams) explaining splicing and how splices may be detected in copies, to answer some of the often asked questions of how we can evaluate the possibility of splices in the PGF original, if all we have is copies to study.
PDF 3.2.6A Copy 8 Preliminary Analysis Released Nov. 26, 2010
Copy 8 is a 100' film copy edited from the ANE documentary program, "Bigfoot: Man or Beast". It is primarily the portion of the documentary using PGF footage. This release describes the copy and my analysis of it's content.

PDF 3.2 The Physical Film Part #1 Released July 11, 2010

PDF 3.2 The Physical Film Part #2

PDF 3.2 The Physical Film Part #3   Note: The above "First Reel Analysis" PDF corrects one image in this document, thought first to be Roger, but now is considered Bob Gimlin. Correction PDF was posted October, 2011
These releases detail the physical description and specifications of the PGF in extensive detail, as foundation for subject analysis.
Report Release 1H in Two Parts Released December 13, 2009

Release 1H - Part One covers analysis of the physical film itself, with such issues as the film runout, the frame count, splicing claims, gunshot evidence claims, and camera identifications as related to claims more than one camera may have been there. Also there is further discussion about the Photogrammetry Analysis effort, and why something we assume as fact about the Bluff Creek circumstances must be wrong. PDF 7.8 MB

Release 1H - Part Two covers the Authenticity of the Patterson Filmed Subject, its anatomy, strong evidence for its being a real biological entity and not a human in a suit, and particular lengthy explanations of why the claims of suit or costume have no merit. PDF 10.5 MB
Earliest Report Releases from 2009
1G -  Progress Outline, describing long term goals and status of current analysis
1F  - Rogerís Camera Path and Frame Count Information
1E -  Site Image Analysis, connecting early and middle sequence landscapes
1D -  Critical Observations, and a lengthy essay directly addressing malicious claims that I am some kind of fraud.
1C -  Foundation Analysis Material on 16mm full frame specifications, lens specifications, and subject in image height analysis
1B -  Status Review of initial report release, and responses to initial criticisms
1A - Film Genealogy basic discussion