Height Scaling
A Height Scaling of the subject in the film is underway, based on scaling the model in real world measurements, integrating measurements taken by Rene Dahinedn, John Green, and potentially other sources. As this is work in progress, there is still the consideration of obtaining more data to integrate into the final determination. Data accumulated thus far is highly consistent and has yielded preliminary estimates, but the documentation will need to be thorough. So the best that can be disclosed at this point in time is that the data in thus far indicates a height of about 7' 4" for the figure, as posed, in Frame 352. This may be adjusted as the analysis continues.

Establishing a real world dimensional scaling of the model, and establishing a path walkway location of the subject, will allow for a calculation of distance from subject to camera, at various designated frames. This work is in progress and is being vetted for reliability and there is consideration of how best to calculate the margin of error factor. You can see the status of this process HERE.
There is also a more detailed discussion on how we can appraise the validity of the site measurementsthrough this link
When this is completed, the following optical formula will be applied to determine subject height.
Using the derived formula variation  (above, with red dot to identify it) that solves for subject height, the necessary input numbers are:
             A) Size of subject's image height on the film
             B)  Lens focal length
             C) Distance from subject to camera
For F352, the following chart shows possible height calculations, for various distances from camera
to subject.
The (A) value, estimated figure height on film, is here designated as being 15% of frame height
0.292 x 0.15 = 0.0438"
The (B) Value, lens focal length, is 15mm or 0.59"
If the Distance is:                         Then the Subject Height is:
     110'                                                                 8.16'              97.92"
     108'                                                                 8.02'              96.24"
     106'                                                                 7.86'              94.32"
     104'                                                                 7.72'              92.64"
     102'                                                                 7.57'              90.84"
     100'                                                                 7.42'              89.04"
      98'                                                                  7.27'              87.24"
      96'                                                                  7.13'              85.56"
      94'                                                                  6.98'              83.76
Preliminary measuring analysis indicates that debris obstructing the walking path of the subject is up to 94' from camera, so closer path distances are negated by this obstacle.
Documentation on model scaling and Path location analysis are still in progress.
Alternate Methods of Calculating Subject Height
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For people who may still cling to the contention the camera had a 25mm lens on it, here are
height calculations if the camera has a 25mm lens on it.
Value "A"  -  0.292 x 0.15 = 0.0438"             ( 0.15 derived from HERE  )
Value "B"  -  25mm lens is 1.016"
If distance (C) is:                               Height  is:
110'                                            4.74'             56.88"

108'                                            4.65'             55.8"

106'                                             4.56'            54.72"

104'                                             4.48'            53.76"

102'                                             4.39'            52.68"

100'                                             4.31'            51.72"

98'                                               4.22'            50.16"

96'                                               4'14'            49.68"

94'                                               4.05'            48.6"
See the 15mm and 25mm lens actually tested on a person of known height HERE
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